Do I need a real estate agent to buy my next house?

Chances are high that you would have come across the term real estate agent, but aren’t completely sure who they are or what they do or do you really need their help. In simple terms, any individual that helps you with buying and selling of properties are called as real estate agents. There is a large market for real estate agents, as the transactions of buying and selling houses has existed since a long time and will continue to do so.

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What do they do?

A real estate agent has in and out knowledge about the specific localities they deal in. Real estate agent would be aware of the laws and rules that come into play while buying or selling of properties. They would also know the sentiments of the local people and thus are easily able to access the price of properties, be is a plot, small house or large commercial complex.

They act as bridge between a buyer and a seller. Depending on which side of the coin they are part of, they can help buyer in getting the best bargain for a property or help seller for getting the best quote for their listed property. Negotiation is one of the primary skills that a real estate agent needs to have. At the end of negotiations, when a deal is struck they would charge certain percentage as their fees.

Qualifications Needed

In order to become a real estate agent there are few prerequisites that have to be followed as part of their real estate training. Depending on the country that the real estate agent is part of, the governing laws vary. For an instance in the United States it is illegal for a real estate agent to collect money from transactions unless he or she has a valid license for the same. Apart from that, some of the most common traits that have become expected over the years is good positive outlook along with excellent interpersonal skills.

In order to make their way into the society and get a wider base of clients, good communication skill is one of the most basic requirements of a real estate agent. Being sensitive at times and empathetic to people also helps, as it gives them the confidence that you are able to comprehend the situation at hand. Adapting to technology is also becoming an integral part of a real estate’s job profile or qualification list. Ability to list the properties online and being able to connect to wider base of people is becoming the new norm. They are also responsible for taking good quality photographs to ensure enough friction is available for the property in question.

Do you need them?

A simple outlook at the situation and you would think you could skip a real estate agent and do all that stuff yourself, but would be far from the truth. They being the ones who are on field always, make for much better access to properties and their details. Real estate agents also make sure that the resources are valued at both the buyer and seller end. This way, no show events come down drastically. Another party trick that real estate agents have up their sleeves is negotiation.

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In the happy scenario, buyer would meet the seller, they agree on everything and the deal goes through. But in reality such cases are rare. There might be so many small quirks that you cannot directly tell the buyer or seller. Thus the real estate agent acts as a sponge, presenting both the sides with suggestions and discussion points to let the deal through.

A school of thought is that if you skip the middleman, you get to keep that money. But that doesn’t happen in reality. For example, a seller would try to sell his or her property for a price common in their locality. But knowing there are no real estate agents, seller would negotiate on the price.

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Skipping out the middleman might also lead to your property not being sold or bought for a price that it deserves. Working with licensed real estate agents makes things much easier for both buyers and sellers. Simply because it does not leave lot of loose corners.


If you are looking to buy or sell a house, taking help of agents is a safe bet. Without them the entire process can turn to be pretty cumbersome and even longer than expected in several cases. Taking their help calls for a hassle free and easy process.