Do I need a real estate agent to buy my next house?

Chances are high that you would have come across the term real estate agent, but aren’t completely sure who they are or what they do or do you really need their help. In simple terms, any individual that helps you with buying and selling of properties are called as real estate agents. There is a large market for real estate agents, as the transactions of buying and selling houses has existed since a long time and will continue to do so.

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What do they do?

A real estate agent has in and out knowledge about the specific localities they deal in. Real estate agent would be aware of the laws and rules that come into play while buying or selling of properties. They would also know the sentiments of the local people and thus are easily able to access the price of properties, be is a plot, small house or large commercial complex.

They act as bridge between a buyer and a seller. Depending on which side of the coin they are part of, they can help buyer in getting the best bargain for a property or help seller for getting the best quote for their listed property. Negotiation is one of the primary skills that a real estate agent needs to have. At the end of negotiations, when a deal is struck they would charge certain percentage as their fees.

Qualifications Needed

In order to become a real estate agent there are few prerequisites that have to be followed as part of their real estate training. Depending on the country that the real estate agent is part of, the governing laws vary. For an instance in the United States it is illegal for a real estate agent to collect money from transactions unless he or she has a valid license for the same. Apart from that, some of the most common traits that have become expected over the years is good positive outlook along with excellent interpersonal skills.

In order to make their way into the society and get a wider base of clients, good communication skill is one of the most basic requirements of a real estate agent. Being sensitive at times and empathetic to people also helps, as it gives them the confidence that you are able to comprehend the situation at hand. Adapting to technology is also becoming an integral part of a real estate’s job profile or qualification list. Ability to list the properties online and being able to connect to wider base of people is becoming the new norm. They are also responsible for taking good quality photographs to ensure enough friction is available for the property in question.

Do you need them?

A simple outlook at the situation and you would think you could skip a real estate agent and do all that stuff yourself, but would be far from the truth. They being the ones who are on field always, make for much better access to properties and their details. Real estate agents also make sure that the resources are valued at both the buyer and seller end. This way, no show events come down drastically. Another party trick that real estate agents have up their sleeves is negotiation.

Two People Shaking Hands

In the happy scenario, buyer would meet the seller, they agree on everything and the deal goes through. But in reality such cases are rare. There might be so many small quirks that you cannot directly tell the buyer or seller. Thus the real estate agent acts as a sponge, presenting both the sides with suggestions and discussion points to let the deal through.

A school of thought is that if you skip the middleman, you get to keep that money. But that doesn’t happen in reality. For example, a seller would try to sell his or her property for a price common in their locality. But knowing there are no real estate agents, seller would negotiate on the price.

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Skipping out the middleman might also lead to your property not being sold or bought for a price that it deserves. Working with licensed real estate agents makes things much easier for both buyers and sellers. Simply because it does not leave lot of loose corners.


If you are looking to buy or sell a house, taking help of agents is a safe bet. Without them the entire process can turn to be pretty cumbersome and even longer than expected in several cases. Taking their help calls for a hassle free and easy process.

How a psychologist can help the growing problem of depression and anxiety in the younger generation

Today’s generation, or what most of us call as ‘generation next’ live in an environment of fierce competition to succeed in life. Businesses have dramatically changed the way they function, and the digital world had made most businesses mobile, rather than the old ways when people were more mobile and businesses stayed where they were. To tune into the modern day needs of employers, our youngsters are expected to be more well-rounded individuals rather than being specialists in any one chosen area. In turn, this has also impacted methods of knowledge acquisition and knowledge management.

Balanced mind comes only with age

As can be expected, in a race, not everyone wins. There can be more attempts made, but some people still fail to make it to the goal post. Alongside the disillusionment caused by failure to succeed in the rat race, there are social issues which would further impact the young minds. Experience from hard lessons that life teaches across decades will aid the elders to confront problems with a balanced mind. However, youngsters lack this all-important lesson and end up with anxiety and depression, particularly when their efforts fail to deliver the desired results.

Youngsters should be trained to share their concern with elders

What is depression? These feelings of depression, anxiety or sadness are not rare as one would want to believe. Many people and more so, the youngsters conceal them burning continuously inside. When these feelings become overbearing, the mind refuses to look at the positive side of life. For instance, if someone could not make it pursue medical education, he/she can explore the world of pharmaceuticals. Within the world of medicine, there are any number of branches that are as good as or better than a surgeon or a specialist doctor. Unfortunately, mental abilities fail to flourish in a depressed state.

Human mind can be programmed to overcome stress and anxiety

In the first place, youngsters must be encouraged to understand that anxiety and depression are akin to the seasons. Just like the season does change, depression and anxiety will bloom and eventually wilt. But, with appropriate guidance and help from elders or psychologists, the human mind can be trained to conquer depression, anxiety, sadness or other associated ills.
To overcome the problem of anxiety, depression or grief in the youngsters, they must be encouraged to accept in the first place, that they do have a problem and need help to overcome the problem. Although elders at home can play a stellar role in observing subtle changes in the behavioural pattern of the youngsters, professional help such as from a psychologist can often be significantly more beneficial. Psychologists can use their specific education and training to fathom the problem through an array of methods. The probing techniques employed by them may not be available to many of the elders.

Teenagers experience sporadic change in feelings and mood swings

For teenagers still in school/college, an occasional change in feelings with continuing stress can add up quickly even before any symptoms of depression or anxiety set in. It is happening inside, but no visible expression helps others to take note. There are many simple mechanisms to prevent stress from overpowering the individual. But, as we said earlier, the person must first admit that he/she has a problem. Getting more socially engaged, participating in extracurricular activities, deep breathing exercises, volunteering, theatre are some of these measures that can potentially bring beneficial outcomes pretty quickly.

Teenagers should be more vocal within the family

Another factor for teenage depression/anxiety is teenagers distancing themselves from parents and the rest of the household. When parents come back from work, the children are gone for tuitions or some other outdoor activities, etc. By the time they return home, parents are exhausted and ready to hit the bed. This cycle goes on and even on holidays, children tend to avoid the company of parents consciously. This is especially true with kids who do have a problem but somehow do not want to take their parents into confidence.

The value of togetherness

Have you ever pondered why some households insist on every member eating their meal together? Instead of each carrying his/her plate to a corner or crouch before the Television, if all members assemble around a table, everyone gets to see each other several times across the meal time. As parents, don’t you think, this is the best opportunity to take stock of the mood swings in our kids. You simply have to lay down a rule that every member should be present at dinner time and be the first to follow that both in letter and spirit.

Remember that with today’s fast-paced lifestyle, stress and anxiety have kind of become integral parts of life. You are never alone, and psychologists can be of tremendous help because they know how to get to the fathom.